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A year ago my Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK overheated, which for some reason I think caused the unit to no longer turn on with a single press of the power button. Now the unit still.

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The impressively titled "Next Unit of Computing" (or NUC for short) is a line of small-form-factor computers released by Intel starting in 2012. Intel NUCs consist of a case, a small motherboard, and a fan for cooling. NUC motherboards are usually built to measure 4 inches (10.2 cm) on each side, which Intel calls the "Ultra-compact form.

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When the NUC powers on it just shows a flashing cursor on the screen and nothing else???... What i have tried: Un-assembled and reassembled. Downloaded the latest firmware and tried to upgrade (no luck) Search the interent for solutions (no luck) Components: INTEL BOXDC3217BY. INTEL 6235AN.HMWWB. Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pack + NSO 3 months (Limited) portable game console 14 cm (5.5") ... Intel Core i3-10100F processor 3.6 GHz 6 MB Smart Cache Box. Immediate shipment. €95.49 Buy. ... Powered by Trippodo Online Shopping. This site uses cookies. To continue using the site you must accept cookies.

How to disable Fast Boot for the Intel NUCs; How to enable POST (Power On Self-Test) Function Hotkeys; ... Intel® NUC is connected to a USB monitor: Temporarily connect the Intel® NUC to a monitor that supports HDMI or DisplayPort, If none of these options solve your issue, contact Intel Customer Support. Related topic:.

Intel NUC that has two memory slots, try moving it to the other memory slot. Make sure to test slot one, closest to the motherboard. See the User Guide for your Intel NUC to learn more about.

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