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Linak standing desk e01 error

The IDÅSEN is an electric sitting standing desk with a Linak controller sold by ikea. The position of the desk can controlled by a physical switch on the desk or via bluetooth using an phone app. This is a command line interface written in python to control the Idasen via bluetooth from a desktop computer.

Workplace Solutions. Too much weight on the desk 5. Control Unit for an Electric Height-Adjustable Desk COMPACT For firmware version 1.7.6 or higher Rev 3 Subject to change without notice. System Reset | RST If the display is showing an ERROR CODE: Make sure all cables are securely connected. Unplug the power cord from the power source. Learn how easy it is to assemble an office desk frame with a LINAK ® Desk Frame 1 solution. It is a set of three pre-packed boxes that contain everything you need to assemble an office desk frame: Kick & Click™ (top frame), DL SetPack (consisting of two lifting columns, a desk panel, a control box and cables) and DL Feet.. "/> track a phone.

1) Press the ⬇️ until the desk reaches its lowest position. 2) Release the ⬇️, press it again for at least 6 seconds until hearing the "dee" sound with desk's rebound. Press the ⬆️.

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Activating the learning mode: Activate the reset key on the RFR by using a pen or similar to keep the button pressed. • Keeping the reset key activated; the RF handset must be activated by pressing a random key on the. If the control switch has a digital display that says error code E01, the desk must be initialized. How to initialize: 1. Press down key and drive to the lowest position. Hold the key until the desk stops completely. 2. Reactivate the down key and hold the key until the desk stops completely. 3. Now the desk can drive up.

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Please unplug the desk, wait 20 minutes, and plug the desk back into power. More MojoDesk Quick Fixes. All Instructions. 2 3 LINAK DESKLINE Troubleshooting Glossary of Common Terms • Components » Desk leg (DL) - The lifting columns, typically with powder coated steel profiles, responsible for lifting the working load of the apcpaoi iltn.

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