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Lost ark gear progression papunika

Note: For the T3 Honing Progression Guide, please visit our Gear Progression Guide! ... Alts in Lost Ark provide plenty of benefits towards your Roster's overall progression. Your alts can be used to help progress towards multiple Una's Tasks reputations and be used as Bifrost locations for important events. Eventually, once your alts hit T3.

Progression is do both 1370 hard mode abyssals and make weapon + 2 piece chosen gear . Then do argos p1 and make 2 argos set pieces. You will have 5/6 legendary armor pieces at this point. Then try to push to 1385 cause the rates semi reset to 60% and do p2 argos to finish getting full legendary gear. Berver's Friend. Finally, the Punika Powerpass will be sent to you by mail. It should be given to the character that completed the entire questline, but be sure to check all your character's.


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To put it simply, Lost Ark progress is divided between early game character levelling, and endgame item levelling. The early game character levelling refers to the journey from level 10 (after the. Having completed this objectives, you can actually set sail -- out to Turtle Island. Its location is marked on the map below, courtesy of the Lost Ark overworld map on Papunika. Look for a turtle named Tatan and start the quest The Turtle and the Boy, which is a prolonged effort. That effort is worth it, though, as the eventual reward is the.

This can be very time-consuming and not very rewarding. The best way to progress is to upgrade your 802 item level gear to item level 1100. At item level 1100, you need to travel.


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