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Sakura haruno is sent to the past fanfiction

Fanfiction writer and daycare teacher on the side. Ask box always is open! Naruto Fanfics Supernatural reader inserts. Prompt: Sakura was sent to the past by Sasuke and now find.

Sakura Haruno gather her things and left her lonely apartment towards the academy. " Lets get this day be over" Thought sakura has she walk through a path full of hatred glares in her direction. The journey to the martial peak is a lonely , solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you. .


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Sakura, by Darkpetal16 is a Naruto fanfiction centered around Lilly, a former Naruto Fangirl. After her untimely demise, she wakes up in Sakura Haruno's body, just before the start of the anime.. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Sakura Haruno Sasuke Uchiha Rin. Sakura x uchiha fanfic. by: EvilFuzzy9 More by this author. For his first targets, Sasuke chose his two most rabid fangirls, Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. The two had broken off a friendship over their mutual attraction to him, and of all the girls in his year, they were two of the highest scoring. Ino, for instance, had the absolute highest.

Tony Stark reborn as Haruno Sakura Discussion Okay I read a fic where an OC that studied engineering travel to the Naruto world. I was disappointed that she didn't bring different technology to the Naruto universe. So my brain brought up Tony Stark who would never not try to advance the technology in the Naruto universe.

With Konoha on the verge of destruction, Sakura is sent on a last-resort mission to save her world by travelling to the past. Join her in coping with her old body's shortcomings, testing the natural laws of time, falling in love all over again, and rediscovering who she is. Time-travel. SasuSaku. REAL publication date: Jan 2015. Sasusaku.

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